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Skyllen Pacific is a multi-disciplinary real estate development firm based in Vancouver. We focus on strategic locations and smart design to deliver high-quality, sustainable building experiences.


Skyllen Pacific is inspired by evolving interpretations of urbanity and sustainability emerging from recent cityscapes. Valuing responsible investment, Skyllen incorporates sustainable practices during the building process to improve local infrastructure and public spaces.


Every Skyllen Pacific project involves thoughtful collaboration between neighbourhood context and contemporary design methods. Engaging experienced architects, designers, and engineers from project inception, Skyllen assures progressive research and development results to propel creative solutions into high-quality developments.


An enriched life stems from innovative planning and design. Skyllen transforms housing into homes. We make the workplace attractive. The firm’s dedication to early planning sets the template for innovation, leading to conscientiously planned developments that radiate livability and modern convenience.


Our Promise

Our sense of responsibility leads every aspect of our work. From our environmentally conscious design approach, pursuit of sustainable build technologies, to the decisions we make on behalf of our investors and home owners, we are committed to stand reputable in delivering our every project.



1650 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 4R3

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Phone: (604) 629-8402
Email: info@skyllenpacific.com